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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Update on Salvage work, and more news.

We must thank the Insurance company and a private corporate sponsor, for covering the extensive costs of an official salvage operation which completed over a week ago now.

There have been no updates to the Blog, because once funding was secured for a full salvage, the SarBot charity who took control of coordinating the effort started working directly with the AAIB and the Police and we were told that the work needed to be done "behind closed doors" to keep it the "officials" on side.

They requested no publicity from the blog.

However, this article appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, on the weekend of the operation.


The bad news is that due to the long time it took to assemble the equipment and financing for the salvage, despite having properly locating the crash site, and having all the equipment and time they needed at sea, and good weather, a 3 day operation failed to retrieve anything.

We are being told that the site was probably disturbed by trawler activity.

Yulia is very disappointed, and considering what to do next.

I am sorry the news is not better, one can't help thinking that the decision by the officials to not allow us to do a quick dive immediately after the location was found was a lost opportunity and a mistake.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Police will not organize and assist with a Salvage operation. They will leave everything where it is now I was told.

As I mentioned already that it is 100% certain that all we are looking for is sitting on the sea floor, and we know the exact location. Now we have to organize a Salvage operation.
We have on this moment the fact that:

- AAIB are insisting that it is not in their interest to lead a salvage operation.  
 - The Police informed that it is not in their interest too to lead a salvage operation.

Our family can’t leave in the sea what was found…unfortunately officials easy can and no hope left for their assistance any more. We must do it by ourselves then.

The Salvage operation can be done with SARbot people help but again there is one problem- it is expensive and where to get funds for this operation from?!
We are in process of looking for Sponsors now and still would appreciate any sponsorship ideas.

Thank you.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The search in review

The Police and the SARbot team have now been to see me and I have sat with them to review what they found.
I have even seen the detailed sonar pictures. It is 100% certain that all we are looking for is sitting on the sea floor, and we know exactly where it is.
But they also showed me recent evidence of damage to the sea floor by fishing vessels....

I have written to the AAIB but they are still insisting that its not in their interest to lead a salvage operation.  The trouble is - they are a government agency and I am Sascha's wife.  I think we have different perspectives on the situation.

I am so frustrated that nothing will be done by the officials!  How can they leave it all there?

I have asked the SARbot people to help me formulate two plans, one just to get Sascha and one to retrieve all the evidence that is there, including the heavy bits.

Hopefully that we can execute that quickly, and for that I will need some Industry Sponsors this time to help me.

If anyone has sponsorship ideas please contact Ian or myself, and we can discuss!


Saturday, 24 August 2013

We think we found it....

The guys from Sarbot are quite professional experts.

They have full time jobs in the police and emergency services and know how to handle this type of situation.

In their briefing to me, they showed me sonar images of where they now think the exact crash site is. They have interpreted the sonar returns and hi resolution images, and have theories.

Each image on its own, would not be clear enough to be conclusive. But the combination of possible targets, co located is a give away pattern.

To be clear, the weather today prevented the deployment of the SARbot.  This means no close up pictures could be obtained.  The team say that even if they had been able to deploy the robot, they would not have disturbed anything at this stage.

But the good news is that we think that we have found the area where the important missing items we were looking for are located

This then opens a range of additional actions, but we will need to wait until next week to get the final reports and analysis from both teams, and talk to the officials, before we decide what happens next.


The debrief

We get it at 7:30pm.  They dont want to do it over the phone...

We must wait.

The Sarbot boat Anchorman is at sea for its final sweep.

Yesterday they decide to focus on a particularly interesting area of debris close to the last radar point.

They flew down from their "Tracy island" another kind of sonar, to be used today. Lets hope it helps!

They must be back in port today by 4pm to demobilise.

Fingers crossed. 

Data capture in progress on Anchorman

Both boats have side scanning sonar. The main survey vessel is working 100m wide sweeps. 

We can see the tactical survey sonar working on the Sarbot Vessel on one of its first runs which can look in more detail.